hulu in Spain: possible in 2 easy steps

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Watch Hulu in Spain 

In the past getting Hulu in Spain would have just been a pipe dream and so while on the road you would have missed all of you favorite entertainment provided by a great web site like Hulu. However when there is a need, someone will find a solution and now getting Hulu in Spain is as easy as a couple of mouse hulu in spain

Get Hulu in Spain in 2 easy steps

1. Connect to a US-based VPN.  (Editor’s note – we prefer Streaming VPN ( for its speed, price and free trial)

2. Then, go to Hulu and … start streaming.


Now available for your travel and entertainment needs is a virtual private network which will allow you to connect to virtual servers from almost any country you like. That means you can get Hulu in Spain or anywhere else your world travels may take you. Borders will no longer limit your entertainment needs and the best part of using a VPN to get Hulu in Spain is that you do not have to spend a ton of money in order to make these connections.

If you are still skeptical, do not worry because you can get a free trial period with your VPN in order to see just how great connecting to Hulu in Spain can be. Then once the free trial period is over you will be able to continue getting Hulu in Spain with a VPN for less than six dollars a month. Now for less than a fast food lunch you can travel to Spain and still see all of your favorite TV. Get Hulu in Spain and never miss a second of TV again.

The benefits of using a VPN to get Hulu in Spain do not stop with allowing you to watch your favorite entertainment, but since you will not have to connect to a dedicated server, your speed will not be limited. This means streaming will be as smooth as watching network TV. When you get Hulu in Spain you will not suffer from buffering problems and you will stream right from the internet, making your evenings on the road just like you are sitting in your very own living room.

In today’s day and age internet security is a concern and when you use a VPN to get Hulu in Spain you will have all of the protection you could ever want. Get a safe internet connection, a high speed connection, and the ability to get Hulu in Spain, what are you waiting for? Get everything you could want in entertainment while you travel and you can get it all when you use a VPN to get Hulu in Spain or even hulu in France.

The best part of all of this is that if you are still not sure you can even get a free trial period to try out the VPN and get Hulu in Spain, now you have no more excuses, just get a VPN and get Hulu in Spain and let your entertainment come to you.

Watch hulu in France

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Hulu in France: the easy way

If you’re thinking about using a virtual private network to get Hulu in France, then finding a virtual private network with a free trial is going to going to show you exactly what you are missing. Sign up and you will find that using a VPN with a free trial can show you just how useful Hulu in France can be. When you get Hulu in France and a VPN with a free trial you will find out what you need to know about using VPNs.

hulu in france

Watch hulu in France … yes – anywhere in france

1. Get a US-based VPN.  (We like Streaming VPN ( for its speed, price and free trial)

2. Then, go to Hulu and … start streaming.  It’s that easy.


It will be easy to get Hulu in France when you sign up for a VPN with a free trial and find out that service is only six dollars a month. Look for the lowest priced VPN out there, but don’t think that a low price means bad service. A VPN for six dollars a month to get Hulu in France will show that while the price of a VPN is very affordable, their service is top notch.

How can a VPN with a free trial, Hulu in France, and spending less than six bucks a month change what you think about traveling? You will get some of the best customer service available and the speed of the entire internet when you get Hulu in France. One simple phone call and the VPN free trial will have customer service connecting you to a server in the US so you can get the web sites you want quickly and easily. Once you are connected and using a VPN with a free trial you can get Hulu in France and take care of your entertainment needs.  You can even watch hulu in Mexico.

Whether you are on a vacation or at a company convention, you will not have to deal with the different blocks that may be put on your computer. A VPN with a free trial for less than six dollars a month will let you see how fast and easy it is to connect to Hulu in France and take advantage of secure servers. Use a VPN and get Hulu in France and find out what you have been missing when it comes to the best VPN available today.

Signing up for a VPN with a free trial will answer all of your questions about VPNs, and let you get Hulu in France, giving you the entertainment you need. Whether you are in Paris or Normandy you will want to connect to Hulu in France and get the best entertainment available, so do not let borders stop you.  Stream hulu outside of the US has never been so easy.

A VPN with a free trial and only a six dollar a month fee will put your mind at peace that you have made the best decision for how to connect to Hulu in France, because this will allow you to explore and find out just how the service works.

Watch hulu in Mexico

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Looking to get hulu in Mexico?

We have the solution.

When it comes to television entertainment it is often frustrating to read about great shows airing on American television and then know that it will be difficult to access Hulu in Mexico, your home country.  What is most frustrating is that while Mexico does offer American programming, it is often years out of date. Most movies are not aired in Mexico until they’ve been out for at least two or three years.  And, really, who wants to wait that long to see the latest blockbuster movies?

How to get hulu in Mexico

1.  Connect to a US-based VPN.  We personally like Streaming VPN for their connection speed and pricing.

2.  Go to hulu and that’s it.  You can now watch hulu!


Lately, Mexican television networks have begun carrying American television series, and that sounds great until you realize that many of the television packages don’t actually offer ALL of the episodes.  What if you are watching some great show that is a serial type show that builds on the last episode? You will never know the ending of the show unless you can somehow gain access Hulu in Mexico to watch the last few episodes.  But try and click on Netflix or Hulu and watch those last episodes, from Mexico?  They will shut you down, and fast.

If you want to access Hulu in Mexico and you are waiting for the television networks to come to some agreement with their foreign counterparts, you may be waiting a long time (and miss a lot of great programming).  The rumor mills suggests that they are trying to make it so that there is a way to access Hulu in Mexico, but for now it is just that: a rumor.

So, until an agreement has been reached, there is an answer to gain access Hulu in Mexico.  VPN (virtual private networks) work around the internet security systems on Hulu and gives a foreign IP address a shiny new American IP address.  This new address will allow you to access Hulu in Mexico, or from wherever in the world you may find yourself.

Not all VPN services are created equally, so to access Hulu in Mexico, you want to be sure that you have a high limit on the amount of ‘gigs’ that you can use at any one time, or during a billing cycle. Many users find themselves able to access Hulu in Mexico, but then they are frozen out when they go over their preset limit.  Do not go for the free versions as they do not have enough bandwidth and the quality is poor. Instead, opt for the streaming VPN services that can handle large volumes and you will not be disappointed, or left stranded when you are attempting to access Hulu in Mexico.

A VPN service will not only handle the bandwidth that will keep you satisfied, but will also encrypt and secure all of your data, making it one of the safest ways to access Hulu in Mexico.

Hulu in Germany is amazingly easy

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How to get hulu in Germanyhulu in Germany

If you are fond of watching American TV shows or series, you have a good reason to learn about hulu and about how to get hulu in Germany. Hulu is a web site, where you can streamline all the best and newest USA TV shows, series, movies, etc. You can either watch them on your PC or through your PC watch them on your TV.

Get hulu in Germany – two easy steps

  1. You should connect to a US-based VPN.
    We personally prefer Streaming VPN for its speed, customer service and pricing.
  2. Go to and there you go, you now have hulu in Germany.  Stream as many US TV shows as you can for free!

Hulu has two options of access. One is free and the other one is paid, but it charges a pretty moderate fee, compared to the fees and expenses of getting cable TV with all the equipment and installation costs. Most like, by now you are already tempted to go ahead and land on hulu. But, getting hulu in Germany is not that easy.

The problem with hulu is that they restrict the access to their video library. Those, located in USA, have no problem accessing it. The rest of the world, including Europe, hulu shows to the door. Now you might be wondering, why you are killing time, reading about something, you can’t get. Well, if you really want hulu in Germany, there is a way to get it.

In fact, there are several options to go with, getting hulu in Germany. One of the best, fastest and safest of them is through a VPN. VPN is a virtual private network. The thing is that hulu detects your physical outside US location by your IP address. If you get VPN, your real IP becomes invisible to this or any other web site and you can get hulu in Germany.

A virtual private network provides you with its own IP address and sort of forms the tunnel connection between your PC and the hulu or any other web site or server. So, if you get US based VPN, when you land on hulu, they see your new US IP and let you watch and streamline all the videos, you want. This is a fast way to get hulu in Germany.

At this, you pay your VPN a small monthly fee for the services, it provides you with. An additional benefit of VPN is that now you can access not only hulu in Germany, but shop in US online stores, for instance. Or, watch videos on any other USA broadcasting limited web sites. Plus, it gives you more freedom of surfing the web.

Of course, you get an additional VPN fee to cover, but you save, by getting hulu in Germany and cutting down on your cable TV bills. As you may see, hulu in Germany or get hulu in Canada is an affordable cable TV alternative, which is easy to get.


Hulu in Canada

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How to get Hulu in Canadahulu in Canada

It is a sad, but true, fact that it is difficult to get Hulu in Canada.  What must make it even more frustrating is the sheer fact of proximity. The closest country to the US and Canada is not allowed to access premier programming.  And it’s not just Hulu that is forbidden fruit.  Netflix, Pandora, and others have been severely limited.

hulu is blocked in canada

Get hulu in Canada the easy way

  1. Get a US-based VPN (We use Streaming VPN for a quality server and their customer support)
  2. Connect to the US server and that’s it.  Go to

It’s a pity that you can’t watch Hulu in Canada without a VPN. Canada is America’s closest neighbor, geographically and culturally. However, we’ve got no choice but to play by the rules, and it seems that more and more these days, the cool stuff coming out of America is just not available in Canada – or available with restrictions.  Stuff like Canada Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, or BBCiplayer are also blocked.  But there is hope for obtaining Hulu, Canada.

VPN (virtual private network) allows customers who want US content programming to access that programming from outside of the US. It does this by ‘tricking’ or ‘masking’ your IP address and making it look as if your IP address is located in the US. Getting Hulu in Canada is as simple as that. Some may argue the fact that gaining Hulu in Canada in this way isn’t ‘ethical’, but in reality it is totally legal, available, and affordable.  What isn’t moral or ethical is the fact that Hulu in Canada programming is being denied to viewers because of the greed of the networks and principalities.  Canada, at this present time, has no restrictions on the use of VPN services to access content outside of the country.  So, as you can see, there’s really nothing stopping you from enjoying Hulu in Canada.

Of course, the next step is actually getting hooked up with a VPN service, and that’s where many Hulu in Canada viewers bog down in the process. Well, there are several criteria that can assist you in making up your mind and getting the Hulu in Canada that you are looking for.

One of the first things you want to check out is whether or not the service you are considering is a truly VPN instead of what they call a ‘proxy’ service.  Hulu in Canada viewers would really fare better utilizing a streaming VPN service as this can handle tremendous bandwidth and make the viewing experience better, with fewer interruptions to your Hulu in Canada.

Then, make sure that the VPN is as secure as it says it is. Are they encrypting your actual IP address?  A key point to watch out for is if they offer VPN services for FREE.  Run, don’t walk, away from such offers as they will give you free VPN but they won’t be masking your IP address and that can open the door for all sorts of viruses, identity theft and other unsavory activities to take place.

Keep these things in mind, Hulu in Canada, and you will be enjoying Hulu in Canada as well as other programming in no time.

Watch hulu in New Zealand

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Hulu in New Zealand

With all that it has to offer, traveling in the New Zealand can be an awesome trip, however there is one thing that the New Zealand cannot give you and that is Hulu New Zealand. For most getting Hulu New Zealand is not even a thought because they do not know how to connect to a server in the US. When you join a VPN however getting Hulu in New Zealand becomes as easy as clicking a mouse, turning your average trip into something special.

Get hulu in New Zealand

  1. Connect to a US-based VPN.  (Editor’s note – we like Streaming VPN for its speed, price and free trial)
  2. Then, go to hulu and … start streaming. 😉

Hulu is an on line service that allows you access to American television, movies, and games right on your PC, laptop, or smart phone. The problem with this service is that you cannot access it from outside of the US, making Hulu New Zealand impossible to get (also get hulu in Australia). The good news is that you can now use a virtual private network, also known as a VPN, and connect to servers all over the world. This means that you can now get Hulu New Zealand or anywhere else in the world as long as you can get an internet connection.

Whether your connection is a dial up or a DSL you can enjoy Hulu New Zealand from England or Scotland, or anywhere you may find yourself in the United Kingdom. Think about it every trip no matter how exciting has at least a couple days of down time, now you can get Hulu New Zealand and fill that down time with your favorite US television. Keep up with your favorite shows, or watch some of your favorites from the past. Nothing will be off limits when you use a VPN in order to get Hulu in New Zealand.

Hulu New Zealand does not stop with television shows

…you can stream movies and games and make sure you do not lose your edge. The best part of using a VPN to get Hulu New Zealand is that no matter what kind of connection you have, the speed of the entire internet will be at your mercy, meaning that streaming videos will be easy. With a VPN to get Hulu New Zealand there is no need to be slowed down by a dedicated server, simply connect to a VPN and start enjoying everything the Hulu New Zealand has to offer.

Another huge benefit of using a VPN to get Hulu New Zealand is the total security that the VPN provides, everything you could ever want for your United Kingdom trip will be right there on your computer just waiting for you. Hulu New Zealand has never been easier to get and with all that a VPN provides you may be even safer than at home. Never spend another boring night on the road, use a VPN and get Hulu in New Zealand and make your trip something special.

How to get Hulu outside the US

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Hulu Outside the US has never been easier

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve been sent outside of the US on an extended business trip and have trouble trying to get Hulu outside the US? If so, you are not alone. Each month thousands of travelers leave the confines the US to travel abroad for work related meetings and projects. All they want to do when they finish each day is to return to their flat or hotel room, kick back and watch something from home, only to find that they can’t get Hulu outside the US.  Well, there is hope, weary travelers. It’s called VPN (virtual private networks).

How to get hulu outside the US

  1. Connect to a US-based VPN (editor’s note: We prefer using for their pricing and customer support)
  2. Go to … tada!

Virtual private networks are different from other IP services in that they ‘mask’ the actual IP address of the computer being used. In other words, if you are in Australia and using a laptop, but want to get Hulu outside the US, using a VPN service it will seems as if your computer is still sitting comfortably at home in the US. Most countries that do not have internet censorship do not police or govern the rights of computer users to utilize a VPN service so that they can get Hulu outside the US.

With a VPN service you can literally travel most places in the world and still have access to timely programming and movies from the US. Most people who get Hulu outside the US do so using the VPN that costs them less than a good dinner out once a month. Most regular business travelers use a streaming VPN service so much that it is as much a part of their departure routine as packing their suitcases and preparing business documents. Most who travel on a regular basis fully recommend that people get Hulu outside the US by using a VPN service.

Power your entire viewing experience using the reach of the internet. The VPN technology, not only makes it possible to get Hulu outside the US, but it offers a type of personal freedom never before experience by business travelers before. There is nothing as comforting, to many business travelers, than to be able to get Hulu outside the US and enjoy hearing their own language and watch programs just as they do when they are inside of the US.

In addition, even if business travelers are lucky enough to be in a country that speaks their language, often the programming is lacking, and expensive. Many of the in-room movies can cost quite a bit. For the same amount of money, once a month, the viewer can literally watch thousands of shows and get Hulu outside the US to do so.

Wherever in the world your traveling takes you, there is no reason you can’t get Hulu outside the US any longer. Finding a streaming VPN service, uploading the program and selecting your package is literally all it takes to get Hulu outside the US and begin your viewing enjoyment. Get Hulu outside the US, today, what are you waiting for?

Watch hulu in Italy

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Watch Hulu in Italy now using a VPN

Travel a lot for business and having trouble getting a VPN service to watch Hulu in Italy?  Look no further, as there are some very simple ways to locate, secure, and enjoy VPN services while traveling, touring, visiting, or traveling for work, and still enjoy shows and entertainment from your own home country.

To watch Hulu in Italy one of the first things you need to do, prior to leaving your home country, is find and set up a VPN account.  Don’t fall for the ‘free’ VPN services that can lurk out there like so many reef fish on the Great Barrier Reef. The bandwidth on these is so weak that you will be completely disgusted. Most of the VPN services out there, especially the streaming varieties, are more than able to gain you the bandwidth you need to watch Hulu in Italy.

Get hulu in Italy in 2 easy steps

  1. Sign up for a US-based VPN.  We personally have tried a number of VPNs and prefer StreamingVPN (
  2. Connect to hulu and voila!

Why should you need a VPN service?  Well, most network sites, like Hulu and Netflix, to name a few, employ geo tracking software that allows them to see if the computer you are using to attempt to access Hulu from is actually located within the US.  This also works in reverse, say for example, those coming from the UK and wanting to watch some sailing finals while they are in the US.  If you want to access content from your home country, or watch Hulu in Italy while you are there, then a VPN service is needed to ‘convince’ the geo tracking software that the computer is actually in the US,  if you are trying to watch Hulu in Italy, or another country outside of America.

When attempting to find out watch Hulu in Italy, you will undoubtedly come across something called a proxy server which would allow you to do the same thing as a VPN.  Don’t fall for this either.  Proxy servers are not as secure as a VPN, which not only allows you to watch Hulu in Italy, but encrypts as it reroutes all of your Internet access points.  Proxies have a very pesky problem when you are trying to watch Hulu in Italy, in that they have to each be custom coded to support each site you want to watch. For example, Hulu’s code would be different from the Netflix code. It’s messy, really.  VPN is a one size fits all, and it’s safer too.

Choosing a good VPN services so that you can watch Hulu in Italy, is pretty straightforward, actually.  Avoid the freebie offers on any of the sites.  Choose a plan (most run from 7$-12$), choose your terms, and then upload the software.  The companies will walk a person thru the installation processes so that in under 15 minutes you are good to watch Hulu in Italy (or even hulu in Germany).

When you watch Hulu in Italy it should be on your terms and conditions, and not left in the hands of a geo tracking device. After all, if you pay for the network services, such as Hulu, shouldn’t they be available to you wherever in the world you travel?

Watch Hulu in Singapore

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Get Hulu in Singapore the easy way

Want to watch Hulu in Singapore? It’s easier than it sounds. Most who live outside of the US have found out, or will shortly, that US programming is extremely regulated…to the point of absurdity sometimes.

Hulu in Singapore in 2 easy steps

1.  Connect to a US-based VPN (Editor’s note – we prefer using streaming VPN for their speed and customer support).
2. Go to … and boom!


First things first, the US blocks international users from attempting to access content from Hulu or other such services because of their own contracts and restrictions from various companies. Their hands are really tied when it comes to this, and so, they will not allow you to watch Hulu in Singapore you’d like. The rumor mill has it that they are working on negotiations that would allow this block to be lifted, but until then you can still watch Hulu in Singapore with a few handy tips.

A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that acts as a bridge between the network and your computer, allowing you to watch Hulu in Singapore.  It reassigns your IP address to a US based IP address, even if you don’t live in the US.  Of course, even people who live in the US and then travel abroad, or are stationed in the military outside of the US, still have to use a VPN to connect. If you try to watch Hulu in Singapore other than the US you first have to login into the website that has the television service (like Hulu), but they use a software that has a GPS tracking type software and if your computer is located outside of the US, regardless of your citizenship, you will be blocked.  This is where VPN for hulu services come into play, and allow you to watch Hulu in Singapore, because with the new IP address it looks as if the computer is still in the US.

Do not…and I repeat, do not fall for those ‘free VPN service’ offers, to watch Hulu in Singapore.  They don’t load, they don’t work, and they will frustrate you beyond belief. They do connect, but just not fast enough to make it worth anyone’s while.  Some of the best VPN services that allow you to watch hulu in Singapore are what they call streaming VPN services and they will allow you to watch Hulu in Singapore, even allowing you to switch between US and UK so that you can also watch UK content as well (like on BBC iPlayer). Watch Hulu in Singapore using this type of VPN service.

Most experts state that if your connection time is below .5Mbps then a VPN might not work for you, and you won’t be able to watch Hulu in Singapore.  Probably time for a new computer, if that’s as fast as it is. Then you can watch Hulu in Singapore at a whim.

Next make sure that the service you go with does not limit the amount of time you can spend on the site, when you wish to watch Hulu in Singapore. You can even get hulu in Germany or anywhere else in the world.

Get Hulu in Canada (or anywhere else in the world)…

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hulu Canada

hulu Outside the US

Apparently Hulu has been around for quite a while in the US, but being outside of the US, we aren’t able to access hulu since it is only available to people living in the US.

Getting Hulu outside the US – in 2 easy steps:

1.  Subscribe to a reputable US-based VPN. I personally like Streaming VPN for their customer service, speed and pricing. They also offer a free trial (in case you want to try it).

2.  Connect to their US server and then go to! Welcome to hulu Canada! You can now enjoy Modern FamilyGrey’s Anatomy, Glee, House, The Office, 30 Rock, etc.


Get hulu outside the US


This past year, I had the pleasure of interning in Los Angeles at a modeling agency.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of American food, American culture and most importantly, American TV.  When I was there, a good friend of mine introduced me to Hulu.  After trying it once, I was addicted. I needed it in Canada.

Unfortunately when I got back to Canada, licensing rules and IP addresses stopped me. When you try to watch anything, you get the Hulu black screen of ‘blockage’.

hulu How to watch Hulu in Australia or Canada

Now, I can get my fill of hulu Canada to watch my favorite American programming.  This also means you can create your own hulu Canada.  Happy Canada hulu -ing!


About VPNs…

Fortunately, despite no Hulu Canada, we can actually access a US server here in Canada to ‘Americanize’ our IP address and get hulu anywhere regardless of your city, country or location (for me it is in BC, but for you, it may be somewhere else in Canada).

A friend of mine told me about using a VPN services to access hulu outside the US and I thought it would be way too complicated but, I was proven wrong.

Through a VPN, your computer basically gets a US-based IP address which basically makes it look like you are living in the US and from there, you can access Hulu Canada (or anywhere in the world for that matter).  The process is SUPER simple and requires next to NO technical knowledge.  Moreover, it can work on any platform including Windows, Mac, Linux or even a your android, iPad or iPhone. Whether you are the the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Denmark or Germany, happy hulu!

Have a great day… next up? Time to conquer Mt. Fiji!  Hopefully find another technological wonder there.  Hope this helps all you .  Let me know if you come across any other ways or have other suggestions.  I’m all ears!

BTW – for those of you curious about other benefits of a VPN, this is according to Utah State University:

VPN gives extremely secure connections between private networks linked through the Internet. It allows your remote computer(s) to act as though they were on the same secure, local (USU) network.  Makes it almost impossible for someone to tap or interfer with data in the VPN tunnel.

I have tried other services (iVPN and cryptocloud but found they were more expensive and much slower.