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Setup VPN On Windows 8 For Watching Hulu

Posted by on Monday, 19 August, 2013

Windows 8 is a widely used operating system in PCs, laptops, and even mobile phones. Most of the people often use windows 8 for watching movies, videos, and TV because of its user friendly interface and good quality sound and screen. Users in America frequently access Hulu on their Windows 8 devices and enjoy their favorite shows; however, people cannot play the videos on Hulu if they are staying anywhere outside the United States. They often get VPN subscription to get access to Hulu. VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps in getting access to the servers which do not otherwise offer access in certain areas. Being a complicated technology, VPN requires both the servers to follow the same method and set up to build the connection.

You can easily create a VPN connection to connect to the remote VPN server built in Windows server technology RRAS. By following a few steps, you can set up VPN in your windows device and start accessing Hulu even outside the US.

Steps To Set Up VPN On Windows 8

  1. Open the Windows 8 Control Panel and choose “Settings”.
  2. Open “Control Panel”.
  3. Open “Network and Internet”.
  4. Open “Network and Sharing Center”.
  5. Click on “Setup a new connection or network”.
  6. Select “Connect to a workspace” and then click on “Next” button.
  7. Now enter the VPN server address as the “Internet address”. Then enter “Streaming VPN” in the “Destination name”. Click on “Create” button.
  8. Find the created connection in the”Network Control Panel”on right side of the screen and lick on “Connect”.
  9. Enter your Streaming VPN Account details -your Username¬† and Password. Connect the VPN by clicking on “OK” button.
  10. Wait until the connection is successfully established.

Once the connection is established, you can easily access Hulu and watch as many American movies and shows as you want. The VPN service will hide your IP address and show an American IP address to Hulu. This will help you enjoy uninterrupted services that too while staying outside the US. If you face any issue while setting VPN on your windows 8, contact customer support for guidance.