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Configuring VPN Settings On Linux

Posted by on Monday, 22 July, 2013

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems used these days. It offers excellent security and this is the reason that Linux is used for PCs, large servers, and government systems. Being one of the safest operating systems, it is also used in supercomputers. Many mobile phones, video game consoles, and tablet PCs are also using the software of Linux. Though Linux is a safe option, still it is not completely secure and therefore, the information is often encrypted via superior VPN technology.

If you want to watch your favorite American programs, movies, and shows on Hulu on your Linux devices, then you need to install a Virtual Private Network. Hulu does not offer access to its services to servers outside American territories. Thus, to access the services, you need to have a US IP address. For this, you can use VPN services. Setting up VPN service offered by Streaming VPN is very easy, and it takes a few seconds to activate a VPN connection on Linux.

Ten steps to help you get VPN on your Linux system:

  1. Install PPTP plugin for connection Manager and click on “Application” and then select “Add/Remove”.
  2. Look for “PPTP” and then check the PPTP VPN Connection Manager; and click on “Apply Changes” button.
  3. Click on “Apply” and close the window after installation.
  4. Select “System” on the top menu, then click on “ Preferences” and select “Network Configuration”. Further click on VPN and click on  “Add” button.
  5. Select PPTP and after clicking on “Create” button, enter “” when you are prompted to add a connection name. This will further require you to provide VPN Server address as a “Gateway”. Enter your Streaming VPN account details such as User Name and Password and then choose Advanced options.
  6. After configuring advanced settings, press “Ok”.
  7. Save the Streaming VPN connection settings by clicking on “Ok”.
  8. Close “Network Connections” window.
  9. To activate the connection, left-click on “Network Manager” icon and choose “VPN Connections”.
  10. The “Network Manager” icon will disappear and a padlock will show once you log on successfully.

These steps will allow you to use VPN to stream videos, watch American shows, and enjoy your favorite movies on Hulu while using Linux anywhere in the world.