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Watch hulu in Mexico

Posted by on Friday, 16 March, 2012

Looking to get hulu in Mexico?

We have the solution.

When it comes to television entertainment it is often frustrating to read about great shows airing on American television and then know that it will be difficult to access Hulu in Mexico, your home country.  What is most frustrating is that while Mexico does offer American programming, it is often years out of date. Most movies are not aired in Mexico until they’ve been out for at least two or three years.  And, really, who wants to wait that long to see the latest blockbuster movies?

How to get hulu in Mexico

1.  Connect to a US-based VPN.  We personally like Streaming VPN for their connection speed and pricing.

2.  Go to hulu and that’s it.  You can now watch hulu!


Lately, Mexican television networks have begun carrying American television series, and that sounds great until you realize that many of the television packages don’t actually offer ALL of the episodes.  What if you are watching some great show that is a serial type show that builds on the last episode? You will never know the ending of the show unless you can somehow gain access Hulu in Mexico to watch the last few episodes.  But try and click on Netflix or Hulu and watch those last episodes, from Mexico?  They will shut you down, and fast.

If you want to access Hulu in Mexico and you are waiting for the television networks to come to some agreement with their foreign counterparts, you may be waiting a long time (and miss a lot of great programming).  The rumor mills suggests that they are trying to make it so that there is a way to access Hulu in Mexico, but for now it is just that: a rumor.

So, until an agreement has been reached, there is an answer to gain access Hulu in Mexico.  VPN (virtual private networks) work around the internet security systems on Hulu and gives a foreign IP address a shiny new American IP address.  This new address will allow you to access Hulu in Mexico, or from wherever in the world you may find yourself.

Not all VPN services are created equally, so to access Hulu in Mexico, you want to be sure that you have a high limit on the amount of ‘gigs’ that you can use at any one time, or during a billing cycle. Many users find themselves able to access Hulu in Mexico, but then they are frozen out when they go over their preset limit.  Do not go for the free versions as they do not have enough bandwidth and the quality is poor. Instead, opt for the streaming VPN services that can handle large volumes and you will not be disappointed, or left stranded when you are attempting to access Hulu in Mexico.

A VPN service will not only handle the bandwidth that will keep you satisfied, but will also encrypt and secure all of your data, making it one of the safest ways to access Hulu in Mexico.