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hulu in the UK: free how-to

Posted by on Saturday, 28 January, 2012

Watch hulu in the UK is very easy for anyone

Love to watch top USA TV shows, series or programs? Short on money and want to cut down on your monthly bills in the times of financial crisis? There is a way to do both and that is getting hulu in the UK. Do not know what hulu is? Well, it is a web resource, which streamlines the best US TV products for free or for a very affordable fee. It is like getting the much more expensive cable TV at your home, but with out having to pay for its installation, cable and equipment. And without the monthly fees since hulu in the UK has a free option.

Check out Hulu in the UK with these instructions

1.  Subscribe to a US VPN.  I personally like Streaming VPN for their customer support and server speeds.
2.  Go to  And that’s it – stream US content in the UK including,, pandora, spotify, etc.


Actually, the problem with hulu in the UK is this: hulu is restricted. It is open to watch only for those, who are located in USA or access internet and have american Ips. So, how do you avoid that and watch hulu in the UK? There is one sure way to go by and that is using VPN. The key is in your IP address. It discloses your actual physical location. That being in UK, kicks you out of hulu, as there is no hulu in the UK.

However, here is the secret, you should know, to watch hulu in the UK. Here it is: A VPN provides your computer with the new IP. And, that is the IP of the VPN location. So, if you can join USA based VPN, you can get american programming for your PC. Next time, when you land on hulu with your new IP, you do not get kicked off.

They cannot detect your actual location anymore and believe you come from USA. This is a simple and very affordable way of getting hulu in the UK. Of course, getting a good USA based VPN would cost you some money. At this, you should also provide yourself with fast internet connection. Otherwise, it would be a pain to streamline programs. You would have long buffer times to wait.

But, that provided, you can watch hulu in the UK and enjoy all the new and top USA shows right in your home. Before you try this way of watching hulu in the UK, you should count up your costs. The first monthly fee would be for your VPN. Another one would be for hulu in the UK, that is if you chose paid option of hulu plus to go with. And, you would have your internet costs to cover.

All that included, such a solution of getting hulu in the UK, instead of cable TV may prove much cheaper and provide you with additional VPN benefits. Those are increased safety of internet connection and freedom in surfing the web with an anonymous IP address for your PC.