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Watch hulu in Italy

Posted by on Thursday, 16 February, 2012

Watch Hulu in Italy now using a VPN

Travel a lot for business and having trouble getting a VPN service to watch Hulu in Italy?  Look no further, as there are some very simple ways to locate, secure, and enjoy VPN services while traveling, touring, visiting, or traveling for work, and still enjoy shows and entertainment from your own home country.

To watch Hulu in Italy one of the first things you need to do, prior to leaving your home country, is find and set up a VPN account.  Don’t fall for the ‘free’ VPN services that can lurk out there like so many reef fish on the Great Barrier Reef. The bandwidth on these is so weak that you will be completely disgusted. Most of the VPN services out there, especially the streaming varieties, are more than able to gain you the bandwidth you need to watch Hulu in Italy.

Get hulu in Italy in 2 easy steps

  1. Sign up for a US-based VPN.  We personally have tried a number of VPNs and prefer StreamingVPN (
  2. Connect to hulu and voila!

Why should you need a VPN service?  Well, most network sites, like Hulu and Netflix, to name a few, employ geo tracking software that allows them to see if the computer you are using to attempt to access Hulu from is actually located within the US.  This also works in reverse, say for example, those coming from the UK and wanting to watch some sailing finals while they are in the US.  If you want to access content from your home country, or watch Hulu in Italy while you are there, then a VPN service is needed to ‘convince’ the geo tracking software that the computer is actually in the US,  if you are trying to watch Hulu in Italy, or another country outside of America.

When attempting to find out watch Hulu in Italy, you will undoubtedly come across something called a proxy server which would allow you to do the same thing as a VPN.  Don’t fall for this either.  Proxy servers are not as secure as a VPN, which not only allows you to watch Hulu in Italy, but encrypts as it reroutes all of your Internet access points.  Proxies have a very pesky problem when you are trying to watch Hulu in Italy, in that they have to each be custom coded to support each site you want to watch. For example, Hulu’s code would be different from the Netflix code. It’s messy, really.  VPN is a one size fits all, and it’s safer too.

Choosing a good VPN services so that you can watch Hulu in Italy, is pretty straightforward, actually.  Avoid the freebie offers on any of the sites.  Choose a plan (most run from 7$-12$), choose your terms, and then upload the software.  The companies will walk a person thru the installation processes so that in under 15 minutes you are good to watch Hulu in Italy (or even hulu in Germany).

When you watch Hulu in Italy it should be on your terms and conditions, and not left in the hands of a geo tracking device. After all, if you pay for the network services, such as Hulu, shouldn’t they be available to you wherever in the world you travel?