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Why use a VPN?

Posted by on Friday, 4 November, 2011

Why use a VPN for Safety and freedom

There are several reasons why you should use a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. In the past, these networks were the physical location networks or computers, connected with wires. Presently, such VPNs can be accessed through a connection, provided by third party, such as through the Internet.

Now, why use a VPN and what are the benefits of it? There are several. For one, VPN offers you safe use of internet. That is a good reason to use a VPN. Data transferred through VPN to your PC is encrypted or should be in most cases. This means, it is protected from those, who may wish to steal such personal data.

Another reason, why use a VPN, is to protect your PC from hacker attacks. This coin has two sides to it. For one, it protects your computer from direct hacker attack, and it prevents your computer from becoming a sources of sending out spam or attacking other computers.

In this case, the direct attack would happen to your VPN, not your PC and that is a valid reason why use a VPN. Here is how it works, when you join VPN, instead of your actual web address, called an IP address, everyone on the web see the VPN’s address. This means, you can join a VPN anywhere in the world and instead of your physical location IP address, people and web sites would see the address and country of your VPN.

This works great, if you need to gain access to some web sites, where country of your location does matter. For instance, one of the reasons, why use a VPN, is to gain hulu access outside the US. This web resource streams the best US TV shows, programs and series. However, it grants the access only to US-based PCs with US based IP addresses.

This means, if your actual IP address shows, you come from Europe or any other country of the world, you cannot watch hulu even in Australia. But, if you join a USA based VPN, instead of your IP, hulu would see the US IP of your VPN connection. This way, you can freely access hulu and enjoy all its benefits. This is another reason why you should use a VPN.

VPN plus a fast Internet provides the best solution for accessing such multi media web sites, as hulu. You disguise your actual IP and can freely and anonymously surf the web. Your PC cannot be traced down and this is why you should use a VPN. The same trick, as with hulu, works with shopping web sites, where there are limitations as to your physical location and IP address is present.

Plus, most VPNs provide their members with great firewall protection of their PCs. This makes your online surfing even safer for your computer. Safety and freedom are two good reasons, why use a VPN. You can join a any reliable VPN for a small fee, which entirely pays itself back by the benefits, you gain from it.   You can try Streaming VPN free to understand the benefits.